Friday, February 18, 2011

Can I Use Glycerin In My Eyes

word in defense of builders

Well, you really become tired of us. I marvel at the patience of builders in general. All sins are upon us - a swarm of cemeteries we carry home ... When else was involved in building up the point, my local "citizens with an active position," dragged around the courts, mentovkam etc. Imagine That himself - a year ago and graduated from University with a degree in engineering pripizdovali to the construction site, you are full of enthusiasm and thirst for a dream come true in the IRL. But here dick - first a cheap salary, then arbayt days a week to 14 hours, and in the end you are attacked by the old whore, you are seeing in the main villain.
Who has not doebyvalsya - and Potkin and VADMIH even. Shitty humanities and plankton sitting on the assholes at the offices of the builders constructed, dumped tons of shit on us. Fourth ring bleat their way! I would have looked your ebla when drilling pulls on kovshebur fiber bundle valued at three Lyam.
What else spizdanete - Sochi expensive to build? Here you have the latest infa. FORBIDDEN builders to haul materials and equipment piece of iron, and came up with this route: to Novorossiysk piece of iron, then the goods at the port and sails to Sochi, that there is a new port will be repaid bleat. In such hands, the material is simply gold, for example - one of our sites in Sochi, a day needed Composition of sand and gravel, the car with accessories and a couple of cans of cement. New shipping costs increase the profitability of my object in the wild minuses.
Today selected Trust in seven flyovers, march 4 th ring cover. And this despite the fact that made a lot of supports, retaining walls and other things. Today it's official ban on the job. On half of the case are not rushing, but I think the Moscow city government come to its senses and give us the green light.
Well, the current favorite of the sofa theorists hamsters it certainly Bulk. I have experience with estimates for construction, cost components at once computes - and rzhu above statement has exceeded estimates - stole !!!". On such elementary things as "the Act of additional works composed for changes in construction documents" none of them heard, lol. I have hundreds of these and was signed =)
Oh well - a sensation, blasphemy =)
dick But when someone writes as builders milked all and sundry - From the railroad, to environmentalists, with the local authorities. On this one, and never write, and I will not tell you. Do not meddle in something that's never do not understand.


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